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The Excalibur in bloom

New temporary acquisition at the Prefab Museum: a wonderful 60s record player from Ted! Thank you so much Ted

The Prefab Museum is saved till at least 2017!

Dear all, 


The temporary prefab museum is saved!


The Prefab Museum has won a reprieve from closure. The Prefab Museum, Britain’s only living museum to document post-war prefabricated housing has attracted more than 2,000 visitors to the area so far – and much like the prefabs themselves, popular opinion has ensured that the museum, which started as a temporary initiative, has now been approved by Lewisham Council and will remain in place until at least 2017. 


It’s wonderful news but we are only at the early stages of discussion so it can take months before a financial support can be put in place. The prefab Museum is a unique living museum celebrating post-war prefab life where visitors stay longer than they have planned to, share ideas and stories, come out inspired and often come back! We really want to keep that wonderful spirit going but we can’t only survive on donations and the good will of volunteers who have already given a lot of their time to the museum. 


So we have decided to set up a crowd funding campaign to raise enough money to be able to run the Prefab Museum till the beginning of 2015. Here it is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1413215915/the-prefab-museum

Please help us continue the adventure of the Prefab Museum!

Elisabeth Blanchet and Jane Hearn

The Prefab Museum


17, Meliot Road, SE6 1RY, Catford


Les Marches, Savoir


Imperial Road, Fulham

Tour of the Excalibur with Harlow Latton ladies. Thank you for your lovely visit

Christine’s visit, tea cosy, movie night and pop-corn at the Prefab Museum, thank you Jo for organising it! 

A piece I wrote for fLIP - London Independent Photography magazine - http://www.londonphotography.org.uk/magazine/

A piece I wrote for fLIP - London Independent Photography magazine - http://www.londonphotography.org.uk/magazine/